Welcome to the FFUD FEST page. You can get all informations about the festival here.

Will it be still a summer without a Ffud Fest? Only you can answer this question, but if you are like the others and your summer is not complete without wild DIY music at second weekend of august, then read on. This years edition of Ffud Fest takes place at Kemping in Sereď, Slovakia at 11th august till 13th august. Concept, place and our attitude is still same – DIY bands on main stage, discussions/noise performances/afterparties in tent. Sunday will belong to acoustic performances as usual. Of course distributions, lots of vegan food, beautiful nature around river Váh. Skaters can use a skatepark near the festival for the first time, so don’t hesitate and take your skate with you. The plan we had last year - to involve other collectives into organization – ended great. So the people around community center of Kubík from Trnava will prepare a a program for tent during the day – discussions, DIY workshops. Tomi (Alea Iacta Est band, P.E.CH. zine) prepared program for night in tent with lots of fast, noise and noisecore bands. After this endless party till morning light.

THERE IS STILL A BAN FOR THE DOGS AT THE CONCERT AREA - THAT MEANS IN THE AREA WHERE IS STAGE, MERCH ZONE, AND FOOD ZONE. DOGS CAN BE IN WHOLE AROUND AREA, TENT PLACE, NEAR WATER etc. We hope we will avoid pointless arguments and flames over this. So we ask all dog owners, that have a chance to leave their dogs at home - please do this, don‘t take your dog at the festival when you don’t need to! And for sure people who don’t have any other chance than to take dog with them. Please keep your eyes on him, take care of him and please respect our request to you to not enter music/playing area with your dog.

You will need a tent that you can place in the area for free. The camp is on grass field. It’s forbidden to make fires. Camping area will be surrounded by fence, to eliminate the possibility of stealing. But still please watch your personal stuff and don’t leave expensive stuff in tent.

You can park next to the road to Camping (from wooden bridge to entrance of festival) and also at camp place.

There are men and women toilets in the area and also the shower. In camp area there will be water tank and toilet booths.

In the festival area there is a bar provided with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. And of course there will be stalls with beer. Food is also provided for vegans/vegetarians. This year we will have also a vegan ice cream.

Visitor will get wrist band, which he/she must show to the festival stuff when entering the area.

2 days - 20 €, 1 day - 15 €